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Why I do Life Design for Business Owners

Why is do Life Design for Business Owners

There is a good reason why I do life design. Life design has served me very well my whole life. I count myself very lucky that I grew up in an entrepreneurial household. Everyone in the family knew that if you wanted something, you had to go out and get it. Nobody is going to give it to you. I had a happy childhood with many amazing experiences. Entrepreneurs work hard and I learnt the value of putting in the effort and learning from my mistakes from my parents. I learnt the basics of life design from my dad.

My dad, a hard working entrepreneur, set the perfect example for me and that may be why I followed in his footsteps. He had many businesses, up to five at one stage. He is a qualified electrical and electronic engineer with an MBA, as well as having many patents behind his name. He loves exploring and doing experiments to learn new things. That is why he achieved so much in his life. With that came some drawbacks – he was never home, and when he was, he was working.

I will never forget … his record was working 72 hours to get a prototype finished. He functioned on cigarettes, coffee and thick slices of bread with butter on them. He looked like death after that.

A blessing in disguise.

I started venturing into my own businesses from an early age, but only started doing more significant things in business later in life. That is when I came to realise something. I did very well in business, I had what I wanted, but I did not work 24/7. I realised that I built businesses that served me, that I work on them instead of in them. The complete opposite of my father. Whatever I do, I still have time for my children, my wife, exercise and personal development. I use business as a platform for self exploration and self development. I align the business goals with what I want to achieve in life. That way I am financially empowered to reach ever greater heights through what I do in business. Because the bigger my business grows, the bigger my life gets.

I quickly realised that not many business owners have this ability or approach to business or even knew such a way of doing business existed. Most business owners I meet work themselves to death in their business. I help business owners turn their desperate situation around and build and use businesses like I do by providing Life Design for Business Owners.

“Recommending anyone is hard, except when it comes to Willem. He is a straight shooter, a real direct type of man. What you see is what you get. Well versed in all kinds of subjects and a great sparring partner with a vast amount of knowledge in the online industry. He loves life like I don’t know many men can. He embraces every opportunity and takes any problem head-on. His Afrikaans background makes him into an interesting character who get passionate about the small things in life.”

Mark Buwalda Client Partner, networker in IT implementation in Africa

“Business leadership is a rare quality and when you see it in action, executed with the detail and finesse required to balance all factors from the human resource, strategic goals, financial and business development, it is impressive. Willem Gous is one such individual who excels at business leadership, he positively transformed and increased revenue and profitability at Ananzi during his time there utilising his expert domain knowledge of online media, and then expanded his impact across the A C Braby group. It was a privilege to work with Willem and know that wherever he is leading, success will follow”

Richard Smith Project Manager at Chillisoft Solutions Services

“I had the pleasure, or should I say the privilege to attend Willem’s one-day Business Model Canvas workshop. His workshop description promises that you will learn how to use the business model canvas within your business. To tell the truth I had been studying the Business Model Canvas for 8 months before the workshop. What he does not say is how it will open your mind and challenge your current thinking. Nor does he say how excited you will become to explore creative and innovative ways to improve the bottom line of your business. I achieved all of this and more in just one action packed and practical session. So, if you are in South Africa, take advantage of his workshop as I rate Willem as one of the best internationally, and we have him right here in our own country.”

Francois Muscat Digital Marketing Specialist & Certified Social Selling Trainer

Entrepreneurship is a lie because it rarely, if ever, delivers on the promises made to business owners like you and me.


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