What life design is. Why you should seriously consider it | Willem Gous

What life design is. Why you should seriously consider it

What life design is. Why you should seriously consider it

What life design is. Why you should seriously consider it

When I speak at conferences or do team builds I usually ask the following question: “Are you happy with the world and the state it is in? If not, raise your hand if you want to make a change in this world”. Without fail 100% of the room will raise their hands. Everyone wants to be something more in life. That includes wealth, family life, free time, freedom of choice and more. Everyone wants to contribute to life and make more of it. To some extent they even know what they want.

The sad part is that few, if any, will actually take action. You talk about it, you might even think about it, but you are not taking action on it. That means you will never actually have it.

That is where life design comes to the rescue. I have a very unique approach to life design that others do not follow. But let me first explain what life design is in the normal way.

Imagine you have some workers at your disposal and you walk up to them and say, “Build me a tall building”. Their response would be something like, “What do you exactly want us to do?”. That is when you get a little more clear, “I want a 30 story building”, but even that is not clear enough, to which they will reply “Do you have plans and schematics of it?” Obviously you do not and you try to get a little more clear by adding “30 stories high in a square and it has to be painted black”. Even with that added you will agree that that is not enough to start building. How will the floor plans look like? Will it be the same on each story of the building? For them to construct the building you had in your mind they will need a lot of detail. The same goes for your dreams. You need to get very clear about the details otherwise they will never ever become a reality. A great life is built, just like that building. A great life is designed, just like that building. And that is exactly what life design is.

You have to get very clear about the details. The details determine the actions that you will take, daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The details determine what development and directions you will take in life in order to have that. That is what life design is. It works wonders and can lead to a fulfilling life. But I propose life design with a twist, one that gives you even more than you ever thought possible.

What Life Design is, with a twist

I don’t know about you, but I have massive goals in life. Every day when I look at them, they scare me. Massive goals need massive resources. Massive goals with little resources will lead either a much smaller result or a goal built on very shaky ground and principles and it will eventually collapse. If you want to feed 1 million people then you will need resources to provide food for 1 million people.  If you want to change the political landscape in your country then you need to play on an equal level than the other political players. Move in the same power circles as they do, network on the same level that they do.

That means you need to have money, networks, resources and support. That is where the twist comes in, Life Design from a business ownership perspective. Most business owners are there to serve the business in the hope they will get their dream one day. Answer me this? How many business owners are poorly treated slaves within their businesses without a glimmer of hope of ever getting what they really want? They are building blocks within their businesses. They serve the business more than the business serves them.

What life design is in my world is where you turn your business into a building block in your life. Your business is there to help you achieve all you want to achieve. Your business is there to help you become all that you can become. Your business is there to serve you and your needs. Your business serves you as much as it does your customers. Your business is there to give you the money, the resources, the networks and support you need to become and be the change you want to be in this world. I am not saying just 1 business although it can be. Each story in that “building” you are building can be a different business. That way you have more resources, more money and more support to bring your dreams to life. To become more. To be more than you ever thought possible.

Now take action and design your life

#1. Get clear on what you want in life. Look at all 7 areas of life, spiritual, mental, business, money, family, social and physical. I have specifically designed a free online Life Design course for you with more than 7 hours of video, free downloadable templates and more. Click here to get instant access now

#2. What business can you start that will serve you as much as the customer and provide the needed resources for you to be the change in this world you want to be.