What Darth Vader taught me about small business management | Willem Gous

What Darth Vader taught me about small business management

What Darth Vader taught me about small business management

What Darth Vader taught me about small business management

Darth Vader ran a massive empire and this applies to small business management as well. A death star does not run itself, someone needs to be in charge. Not the men in black, this was the MAN in black and he ran a tight ship. That said, he made me think a lot about running a business and small business management.

The following three quotes by Darth Vader makes for good management learning. So grab your lightsabers, grab your popcorn and let’s turn our businesses around.

Small business management tip #1: I find your lack of faith disturbing. (A New Hope)

All great leaders have great teams. But the whole team needs to be on board. If only half of your team bought into your vision then you are in trouble. You will never achieve what you set out to achieve. So when you realise that some team members did not buy into the vision, then try to understand why and adjust your communication. Don’t eject them out of the first convenient airlock (yet). I found as a speaker that if my audience does not get the message it is my fault, I did not communicate well enough.

But that said, some people will never get your vision, it might just be to big for them to see and understand. Then maybe an outing to the airlock is a good option, or maybe just another team for them to go too. Your choice. Nobody said management was easy :D.

Small business management tip #2: You have failed me for the last time, Admiral…. (The Empire Strikes Back)

Give people a chance, help them, support them. Put the effort in to lift your team to a higher level of performance and standard. But not everyone will step up to the challenge. If they constantly fail it can be because of various reasons and if you have not been able to help them overcome what is holding them back, then maybe it is time to end that working relationship. Maybe give them a one-way ticket to Dagobah for some re-training.

Small business management tip #3: What is thy bidding, my Master? (The Empire Strikes Back)

Masters come and go. They don’t last all that long and neither do businesses. These things pop-up like a Rebel Base on a small moon. Don’t make the mistake of worshipping at the altar of business. You are there to help the business grow into all it can be, but the business essentially is there to serve you. Too many business owners have fallen into stress, collapse and burnout by asking the business “What is thy bidding, my master?”.

“Ask not what you can do you for your business, but what your business can do for you” – Willem Gous