What conversations are you not having and how much is it costing you - Willem Gous

What Conversations are you NOT having?

And how much does it cost you?

Look at your business as a collection of conversations.

Some conversations you’re having well, others not. The ones you’re NOT having well can be costing you a lot of money.

Knowing which conversations to improve can help you unlock profits within your business in the fastest, most efficient way with the least risk.

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Willem Gous

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FREE Tool to unlock new opportunities and profits within your business.

The Conversation Canvas gives you 12 different perspectives to identify which conversations to improve that will unlock the greatest bottom-line growth.

The Conversation Canvas will help you …


Quickly identify which conversations you can improve to unlock new opportunities and bottom-line growth in your business.


12 different lenses or perspectives to analyse the critical conversations within your business, making it easy for you to identify areas of growth.


Use it by yourself or in your team meetings and get the profit improving conversation started.


Applicable in any business of any size - even yours

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