What are you expecting? Really? Expecting more will get you more | Willem Gous

What are you expecting? Really? Expecting more will get you more

What are you expecting? Really? Expecting more will get you more

What are you expecting? Really? Expecting more will get you more

You don’t have that perfect partner by your side because you are not expecting it is possible. You don’t earn the money you really want either because you are nott expecting it is possible. Yet, you daydream about being swept off your feet by your dream partner. You look at magazines at all the things you really want to buy if you had the money but the money never, ever comes. It is simple, you don’t expect it is possible and that is why whatever you yearn for never happens.

It is when you start to expect bigger things in life that you start receiving bigger things in life. “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them” ~Michael Jordan

A simple example

Think back to your first salary. Mine was R1,500 ($115)  per month. I thought I was a king, SO MUCH MONEY, what could I possibly do with it. For me that was the pinnacle of my earning potential at that moment in time. Did you experience the same feelings when you got your first salary?

Now more than 20 years later I earn more per hour than I did in a month back then. So what changed? Back then if I applied for a new job I would expect a similar salary or more. That was my level of expectation. Since then my level of expectation has grown a lot. Even if I lose everything today and have to start at zero my expectation of earning would not be what it was 20 years ago. My expectation of earning would be what it is now.

I cannot go back to the level of expectation I had 20 years ago. It is impossible for me think and expect that way ever again. I have grown, I have seen I am worth more and I can accomplish more. Yes, I have grown in skills but I have met many people with skills similar as mine but their level of expectation is similar to what I had 20 years ago.

Sit and think a bit, what is your level of expectation when it comes to earning money? What was it 5, 10 or even 20 years ago? What has really changed? Look at how your thinking about the world around you, the opportunities around you, your abilities and your earning potential changed. When you expect more of yourself, your job, your work, your abilities then you get more, you become more, you achieve more.

Now ask yourself, why are you not earning double or even triple the amount of money you do now? That brings me back to the title of this post, what are you really expecting? Start expecting more of life, and get more of life and all the wonders it has to offer.