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We empower YOU by transferring our knowledge to YOU.

“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” –Thomas A. Edison

About Venture Designers

At Venture Designers, we believe that customers know their business the best. We empower customers by transferring our knowledge to them, growing innovation capability within their organisation; this runs counter to the typical consultancy model.

When we leave, your people are able to do the work without us.

Our approach supports our vision of increasing innovation capability continent-wide and allowing Africa to solve its own problems.

Products and Services

Design Sprints

It’s no longer enough to have a “good quality product or service”, you need to have the right product. A Design Sprint is a tried and tested formula and the fastest way to find out if a product or service is worth developing, if everybody is aligned around an important project, if your value proposition is really valid or your strategy has merit in the marketplace. Don’t invest months of time, invest between 1 and 4 days, depending on the challenge.

The Innovation Builder Workshop

The IBW is a combination of continuous innovation and experiential learning aimed at driving bottom-line results through the testing and implementation of validated innovation strategies while capacitating your people to run the process when we leave.

It is not just training; it is, practical, real-time innovation where you find, implement and benefit from new innovations while we capacitate your people.

It brings innovation down to a team, business unit or even branch level while building innovation capacity from the ground up. Make innovation local.

Innovation Consulting and Coaching

You know your business the best. We can customise innovation initiatives and projects around what you want to achieve.

We also provide innovation coaching as a way to guide and assist your people as they capacitate themselves in the innovation space.

Meet the team

Dr Frank Aswani

Frank holds an MBA from the GIBS and a Bachelor of Veterinary medicine, University of Nairobi. Frank’s passion lies in helping organisations Innovate around complex challenges. He spent 13 years in the Pharmaceutical industry with Eli Lilly and lately lead the Business Development at African Leadership Academy (ALA ), delivering on Corporate partnerships, Network development and managing Strategic relationships with funders and governments alike.

Specialities: General management, Good knowledge of Sub Sahara Africa, Partnership management, Fundraising, Design thinking, Extensive experience in Private sector and Development Sectors in Sub Sahara Africa.

Justin Coetsee

Justin has more than 20+ years of experience in the IT industry. For the past 8+ years, he lead innovation projects across in Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, IT, Government, Healthcare, Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics. Co-designed and developed an entrepreneurship Bootcamp based on customer discovery, lean startup, design thinking and agile principles and had over 1000 entrepreneurs attend the Bootcamp.

Co-designed and developed a 3-month startup accelerator program and helped coach 96 businesses to graduate from the program successfully. Notable mentions: IntegrateMe (who recently set a new record for largest crowdfunded investment raised in Africa), HumbleTill. Justin was featured twice in the South African version of the Entrepreneur mag.

Graham Smale

Graham is passionate about creativity, creative problem-solving, innovation, design thinking, and how all of these tools and frameworks can be used to build better and more sustainable businesses. His background as an engineer led him into a 36 -year career in the financial markets. Since then, he made a fundamental career shift working with clients to become more innovative and build better businesses using a range of these tools, frameworks and processes.

Alan Pio

Alan is an organisational design architect from Johannesburg. Culture, tech, travel, and people are everything to him. Using a human-centred approach truly drives him. He builds systems, products, and services that elevate experiences to inspire people.

Willem Gous

An entrepreneur of more than 20 years he founded The Human Entrepreneur, where he works to keep entrepreneurs in the game. He has a people-focused approach to business, start with the entrepreneur first.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management, and his dissertation focused on the application of various innovation methods within existing businesses.

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