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The Art of Designing a Better Future

“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” –Thomas A. Edison

About Venture Designers

Venture Designers uses a humancentred approach to venture design, helping you rapidly and efficiently find, test and execute solutions that reduce risk and cost of failure while amplifying successes.

We help customers design and execute on a better future while empowering their teams to do the work without us.

Although we run counter to the traditional consulting model by empowering your teams, we remain by your side, offering assistance and guidance as you and your teams grow your ability to succeed in bringing your envisioned future to life.

Our processes apply to strategy, culture, system efficiencies, sales and revenue growth, new product development, customer journey development and a lot more.

Plug your unique need into one of our processes, while we apply the needed customisations and supply the tools needed for you to execute on your business goals effectively.

We have perfected the art of designing a better future for you and with you.

Products and Services

Online Meeting Facilitation

Increasing the Speed and Efficiency of Decision Making for Remote Teams

Online meetings are easy when you are 2 or 3 people. However, the speed and efficiency of the groups’ decision making can be negatively impacted as more people attend.

Venture Designers offers an Online Meeting Facilitation process aimed at increasing the speed and efficiency of decision making for remote teams during online meetings.

A clear process that will help your teams get clarity and alignment, make efficient decisions faster while knowing what needs to be done by who and when.

We provide all the online tools as part of the price, so you do not have to find or buy all the tools.


A Process to Make Better Critical Decisions, Faster

FutureNow is a process to help you make better critical decisions faster when the chips are down. A clear, repeatable decision-making process means you waste less time and use of the right resources at the right time.

FutureNow gives you clarity of purpose, process and roles. Increasing engagement, contribution and building trust.

When people trust your decision-making process, they more easily let go, reducing management overhead while increasing the speed of decision making.


A Process to Find New Opportunities to Solving Big Problems

A process to discover and align around future opportunities and prepare the groundwork for designing and testing solutions.

FutureFinder is typically a 1-day process that aligns a team around identifying a set of opportunities framed by the landscape that the team and organisation find itself in. The tools used are tailored to the context presented by the client.



A Process to Build a New Future with Less Risk and More Accuracy while Teaching Your Teams to do it without us.

The Future Builder is a series of conversational
sessions designed around what will drive the most important outcomes that your organisation needs to be successful, with the greatest impact and least effort.

We reduce management overhead by empowering your people to run the process themselves, saving money while increasing the effectiveness of your strategy execution.

We walk a path with you and your team to make sure they execute effectively, focus on the right things, learn from failure and drive the right results. It is applicable to teams, business units, branches and even customer-facing shops.


A Process to Test Solutions, Reduce
Risk and Amplify Success

FutureTester is a 3 to 4-day process to help you rapidly solve big challenges, create new products or improve existing ones. You potentially compress months of work into a few days, saving you months of overheads, costs and lost market opportunity.

The outcome of the FutureTester is a high-fidelity prototype, tested by real users (actual customers), and with clear insight on where to go next.

Meet the team

Graham Smale

Graham is passionate about creativity, creative problem-solving, innovation, design thinking, and how all of these tools and frameworks can be used to build better and more sustainable businesses. His background as an engineer led him into a 36 -year career in the financial markets. Since then, he made a fundamental career shift working with clients to become more innovative and build better businesses using a range of these tools, frameworks and processes.

Willem Gous

An entrepreneur of more than 20 years he founded The Human Entrepreneur, where he works to keep entrepreneurs in the game. He has a people-focused approach to business, start with the entrepreneur first.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management, and his dissertation focused on the application of various innovation methods within existing businesses.

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