The way we think about entrepreneurship is broken | Willem Gous

The way we think about entrepreneurship is broken

The way we think about entrepreneurship is broken

The way we think about entrepreneurship is broken

Entrepreneurship is broken because of the way we think and talk about it. Most people, when asked to describe an entrepreneur, would use the words “risk taker”. Is that really how you would describe an entrepreneur? Is that the correct choice of words? I do not agree with that statement because being an entrepreneur I do not categorize myself as a risk taker and second of all, I think it scares future entrepreneurs off from starting a business.

I want to propose a different perspective on entrepreneurship. A perspective that focuses on what really matters and does not scare people off.

Entrepreneurship is not about risk. It is about …

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years and I consult with other entrepreneurs. One thing I must admit is that neither me nor any of the people I work with wake up in the morning and wish to have a big, bad bowl of risk for breakfast. We are not hectic risk takers. Well, not like the movies and popular media describes it. We do take risks though. Calculated risks. I try to minimize risk as much as possible. We KNOW that risk CANNOT be avoided and risk will always be there. But we also know that you can limit the amount of risk you face by how you do things.

Entrepreneurs are curious and opportunistic. We find new things interesting and always ask, how can I do this better or how can this be improved? That level of thinking is OPEN to everyone. Anyone can be curious by asking those types of questions.

But to make the whole thing run you need to be opportunistic. Again, it is not about taking the risk but finding a way of taking action with the least amount of risk. I know I reach out and work with other entrepreneurs, lowers my risk, spreads the work and I have a shared risk.

Entrepreneurship is broken when you think of it purely as a risk profile because it scares people off from starting a business. But entrepreneurship opens up to many more people when you see, experience and action it from a perspective of curiosity. Ask yourself, is entrepreneurship is broken then? No. It lives. It grows.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Stay curious.