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The Human Entrepreneur

We aim to keep entrepreneurs in the game

A human-centric approach to sustainable entrepreneurial development.

Would you do this?

Imagine going into a new relationship. You know what the other person’s needs are, then you take your time, money and attention giving all of it to them.

But here is the catch, you never tell them what YOU want.

Would you want to be in that relationship? Probably not.

But that is exactly how most entrepreneurs start their businesses. It is how entrepreneurs are taught to start their businesses.

If we fail to address the needs of the entrepreneur, then they will never be able to build businesses that uplift them and their loved ones, create jobs and grow the economy.

That is why The Human Entrepreneur was created. We develop successful businesses by starting with the entrepreneur first.

How we help entrepreneurs

A business needs three elements to make it work, the customer/product, a business and an entrepreneur. Business books, training courses and other education mainly focus on the first two, neglecting the most important element, the entrepreneur.

Without customers, a business cannot grow, without entrepreneurs, the business will never exist. Without entrepreneurs, we cannot have businesses that create jobs and grow the economy.

We need a more human-centric approach to business, and that starts with the entrepreneur. Our programs, coaching and mentoring create a co-creational relationship between the business, the entrepreneur and the customer.


Our process is simple and easy and applicable in any business, of any size in any market. Our process starts with 3, non-consecutive one-day workshops.

The training leaves the entrepreneur with a greater understanding of what they want, what the customers want, and how the business will deliver to all stakeholders.

You leave with a clear business model and financials as well as a step by step roadmap to how you will achieve entrepreneurial and business success.

Mentorship and Coaching

We provide one on one mentorship and coaching for entrepreneurs and business. We guide entrepreneurs on their journey of turning their business into something that only serves the customer into a business that serves and grows the entrepreneur while serving customers.

Development Programs

Our work fits into existing development programs, or we can present a 6-month development program giving the entrepreneur the needed knowledge, tools and support to grow the business to new heights.

Free talks

We can present a free talk at an event or gathering explaining why starting with the business and customer-first results in entrepreneurs struggling and how by starting with the entrepreneur first we unlock the true potential and promise that entrepreneurship holds for individuals, communities and economies.

Companies, Expo’s and Development Programs we were or are currently involved in

Who do we help?

Individual Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

We help entrepreneurs understand how to design a business that serves their needs as well as the customers needs so that they are building businesses in a sustainable way, a way that keeps them in the game.

Too many entrepreneurs go down with their businesses. The Human Entrepreneur aims to keep you in the game.

Business and Entrepreneur Incubators

We help incubators understand the entrepreneur behind the business, reducing their entrepreneurial risk and making it possible to provide the right support and guidance in their program.

Our program wakes entrepreneurs up to their true potential.

Investors and Financiers

Who is the person behind the business that you are funding? If they are building a business that serves the customer very well but not the entrepreneur, then they will not have the drive, will or motivation to build a growing business because it does not benefit them.

Reduce your entrepreneurial risk and understand the needs and financial needs of the entrepreneur you are investing in.

Development and Enterprise Development Programs

We help development programs reduce their entrepreneurial risk while increasing the efficiency of resources and support to entrepreneurs.

You will understand what the entrepreneurs need to move forward with the greatest success, instead of applying a cookie-cutter approach which can be wastefull, inefficient and ineffective.

Why we need to start with the entrepreneur first.


To grow, develop and accelerate human potential by using business as a platform for development and self-exploration.


To create an environment where we foster, accelerate, and celebrate entrepreneurial potential manifesting itself in great businesses that benefit entrepreneurs, help customers, uplift communities and grow the economies.


“Willem is amazing at what he does. He has excellent mentoring skills and creates scenarios that allow you to perceive situations from various angles. This helped me to get out of my comfort zone and start to think of all the possibilities of what the outcomes of my initiatives could be.

After speaking with him, I noticed how a small mindset change could make everyday more productive and fulfilling.

He is calm and collected with much wisdom and compassion. He is also very humble and approachable. He taught me how to believe in myself and always put my own goals first. His ability to gently nudge your mindset into the correct path is great.

Choosing Willem Gous as a mentor is one of the most beneficial life decisions anyone could make!”

Kirashni Bidassey

“I have gotten to know Willem Gous quite well, especially while he worked as a trainer and coach on the IBM SA Startup Bootcamp 2018. Willem is a detailed oriented, hard-working professional focused on accelerating the high potential of local technology startups.

If you are looking for someone who is dedicated, committed and passionate about training and coaching you on how to rapidly grow and scale your startup, talk to Willem.

Willem’s service to Tshimologong Precinct and the IBM SA Startup Bootcamp 2018 has been invaluable as a trainer and coach and I would not hesitate to recommend his services.”

Shaun David Randles

Digital Enterprise Development Manager, Tshimologong Precinct

Want to work with me, or have me speak at an event? Reach out to me now.

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