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This shows the appreciation and value that people have for the work we did and currently do together.

Testimonials | Coaching

” I met you in Jhb (March 2017), and we spent 45 minutes chatting.  In that 45 minutes my life changed!  And I have you to thank!

One of my issues in life was my diet…At the time I was under the supervision of a dietician, but was really struggling staying focused… (which diet isn’t traumatic!),  I was always managing to justify cheating .. I came up with… I am happy if I lose 2 kgs a month and all sorts of nonsense… anything to pretend I am on diet…(anyone having dieted before will know exactly what I am talking about).  Anyway.. long story short… you asked me ONE specific question (amongst other things)   Normally I would have argued with you.. but thank heavens I had the grace to shut up.  Man!  That was quite a challenge.. but you know what… I never slept for the whole weekend that I was in JHB!!  Your words really had me thinking.  

It took me.. and I stand under correction on time line… about 2 months to figure the answer! And man, that was all I needed to get my head right!!!  At that stage it took me 4 months to loose 5 kgs…. So, I pulled finger and got focused and reminded myself of your words and the answer.. every day!

When we met, I had lost 13kgs… as I said.. that was in march of this year…..  yesterday (18th September ) I started my maintenance programme.  I am a whopping 30kgs lighter!  And have lost a staggering 101cm in total!  I have you to thank for that!! 

The other part that we discussed, which was about me as a person, has helped me make peace with a lot of things in my life, and to change how I think about my business, and myself!  I realised that if I wanted to achieve any of my goals, I would have to change me!  And I did!

Today, I have a business that is really growing… so much so my husband reckons he is going to close his and come work for me!! Heheheh…  I have become more energetic and am very excited about my business.. and you know what… the greatest part of all of this is… I am finally been taken seriously now!!! And THAT  is a gift that I got because YOU spent 45 minutes with me!!!

There are no words to show my gratitude to you!   I have included my before and after photo’s (which was taken yesterday), so that you can see what you did for me!! Thank you Willem!  

With much appreciation

“Willem Gous is a dynamic and inspirational Entrepreneur and Business leader. I find his attitude infectious and I value his contribution both to my business and personal development. Willem is an asset to any business and I firmly believe his knowledge and personality will serve his clients well”

Denzil Fillis CEO Mpilo Technologies

“Willem helped me realize just what is important to me, focus on it and make it a reality so that I can function and think from what inspire and energizes me most. I now do more business, I am more focused and work less. As a matter of fact, most of the time it does not feel like work as I love what I do. I continue working with Willem as he is driven to help me achieve the results I want.”

Slaven Gajović, CEO, Maximum Group

“Having worked with Willem I can recommend him as someone who has deep experience in the entrepreneurial field. As a serial entrepreneur himself he is able to relate to entrepreneurs and quickly provide insight into various business models. This differentiates Willem as someone who can provide relevant subject matter expertise in various industries. Willem’s experience in the coaching field also enables those entrepreneurs he works with to continuously apply learning and implement actions relevant to their current stage of business growth. I would recommend Willem’s services to any entrepreneur needing to innovate and grow their company.”

Wybrand Ganzevoort CEO Collective Value Creation

Testimonials | Speaking

Thank you for speaking at the 10th Annual Joburg Secretaries Day Conference which took place on 6 – 7 September 2017.

I was really impressed that you met with a few of the delegates before the conference and that you sat in for the entire 2-day conference, so that you could customise your presentation and make it as relevant as possible, to our audience. You went the extra mile for us and helped add value to our clients, which I really appreciate.

We were hoping that as the final speaker, your presentation would end the conference off with a bang, which it absolutely did. You brought so much energy to the last session, the music was great and your message was powerful. From the delegate feedback we received, you were rated one of the top speakers over the 2 days. I would not hesitate to recommend you as a conference speaker and would definitely consider using you as a speaker again at our own events. Thank you for your positive attitude and professionalism, which made working with you a pleasure.

Yours sincerely,
Catarina Allison
Director – KumaloGreen

Willem is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker who hit the mark on his presentation. His message was powerful, simple and to the point. Willem brings a sense of humour to help share his business expertise and life experiences to make a point with his audience. He has a great presence on stage which kept everyone engaged. Most importantly, his message contained practical and usable tools that can help any person take their career, life to the next level, and beyond.

An excellent speaker, flawless in his delivery with a lot of take home value. If you need a crucial message delivered with clarity and passion, a speaker who can both motivate, inspire and leave your audience thinking long after the event is over, Willem is the person you should consider.

Farzanah Cassim
Corporate and Investment Banking
Executive Assistant to:
Head: Client Coverage South Africa

 I enjoyed your presentation. I can add that what caught me the most was that it felt genuine. You genuinely are passionate about what you do and one could relate to what you said, which created a connection to the audience.  I didn’t grow up in South Africa and have been here for about 3.5 years – so I often find myself as a stranger and still needing to find my feet in this amazing country. Your speech has definitely given me some sort of push to sit down and think where I want to go from here. I have a lot of ideas but often got caught up in those negative thoughts – which has changed.

Thanks a lot for everything

Zoé Blattmann – Executive Secretary VW