Stop using Warren Buffett as an excuse to live poor | Willem Gous

Stop using Warren Buffett as an excuse to live poor

Stop using Warren Buffett as an excuse to live poor

Stop using Warren Buffett as an excuse to live poor

“I would love to make a lot of money and live like Warren Buffett in a small house in the same , that is how I will define my success.” I hear this line from almost every new business owner I do one-on-one Life Design coaching with. And then I know we have a lot of work to do. You see, Warren Buffett values making money, but places very little value on a mansion. Just like my wife has no interest in the latest Macbook Pro or gadgets, so Warren Buffett thinks about that massive big house. However, most people use “the Buffett” lifestyle as a way to mask a real fear.

So what drives this obsession with “being” like Warren Buffett? The fear of judgement that “could possibly” come with success. It is not that you do not want that massive big house, most people do. It is just you would rather let go of the big house and not face the possible social backlash. Social backlash can manifest in comments such as “He only loves money,” “Rich people are nasty and crooked,” or even “money is the root of all evil.”  This list can go on for another 5 pages.

Masking fear as aspiration

So what they are actually doing is that they are masking the fear of judgement of being seen as rich, with a false aspiration to live like Warren Buffet. They think that way they will escape the “perceived” ridicule that might come from those who do not have the money or the success they have achieved.

The success of living the real you

Warren made a lot of money and is still making a lot of money doing the one thing he does well and loves doing. But, the bulk of us are limiting ourselves because fears driven by old programming around money and success. You can see what living true to yourself has brought Warren Buffett. Now start seeing what you can achieve by being true to yourself. Let me give you an example and humor me a bit. Please, for a few minutes, in private here behind your screen, indulge in yourself and what you really want in life.

You want an $8million house. To make that money, you will have to build a business. You build a business, Warren invests in businesses that grow. That business has to be a sizable business to afford you that house. You will employ lots of people making an economic impact in their lives, their kids’ lives and the community they live in. By you wanting to live a large life, you are growing the people around you. So, please stop doing us all in by aiming for a small little house. I am not talking trickle down economy here, I am talking building real businesses employing real people. I invite you today to change my life and my world through building a massive business that makes my life as your customer different. My customer Dollars are waiting for you. The larger you live the more you have to provide a service to this world and be financially rewarded to afford your life. Money is good, it is an enabler.

Money cannot be evil

Money does not even exist. Almost all money is fiat money. Money is an enabler. It only makes bigger that was there to begin with in the first place. If you are an ***hole, well, no surprise you will be a bigger ***hole. If you are nice, you will be nicer on a larger scale. “Money is only a measure of your potential and progress” Dr. John Demartini. So if some holy man on TV tells you money is evil, I suggest you oblige and withhold evil from his pure organisation. You will see how quickly his tune changes.

Nature does not limit itself. Nature will always grows, expands and be as big as the current resources allow. The only species that does limit itself is human beings and that is because of this notion that money makes you different and is evil. It is not. It never has been, it never will be. It is time we stop this nonsense and start to live to our full potential and change the world in the process.

Three cheers to living in a house so big you might just lose one of your family members in it.

Do the following for me

#1. If you were not afraid of being judged as a “rich” person, what would your life look like?

  • Where would you live?
  • The people you hang out with?
  • The work you will do?
  • The changes you want to bring into this world?

#2. If you are afraid of people judging you when you make a lot of money do the following for me

  • Listen carefully, you will hear the people with the least money talk about money the most. People with money talk less about it.
  • Most people who judge money as bad are afraid of money because they are afraid of what it might enlarge within themselves and now they are projecting that fear upon you. Step away from them.
  • Visualise your dream life with a lot of money and write down how big your company will have to be to deliver that life and how people’s lives you will positively influence through that.