Serve those in need, even billionaires | Willem Gous

Serve those in need, even billionaires

Serve those in need, even billionaires

Serve those in need, even billionaires

You build a business by serving customers. You have success by helping to serve those in need. Unfortunately, the word “help” I found has more of a downward focus than an upward focus and that leaves a lot of opportunity and money on the table.

Few people believe that highly successful people, even billionaires, might also need help. They think that they do not know enough or have not achieved enough to give these people advice. This view leaves a lot of money and opportunity on the table because what they believe is not true.

So when you think of building your own massively successful business think how you can serve people from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich. But in order to serve the rich and highly successful you need to overcome two major assumptions that hold you back from tapping into this segment.

Assumption #1: Successful people know all there is to know about success

I have spent a lot of time with a lot of successful people and let me tell you, they are just like you and me. They don’t know everything there is to know. In fact, most of them are hyper focused on a certain topic and that is where they have their success. Outside of that they know very little. Mmm, a lot like my life I would say. I know a lot about some things and very little about other things.

So don’t assume that they know everything there is to know about a type of business, a methodology, a process etc. You DO have something to give from your own unique perspective and experiences. Just reach out and talk to them and you will see that there is a high chance of them being very interested in what you are saying.

Assumption #2: Your success and experience cannot benefit them at all

Success does not, and never has come in one flavour. In my experience, many of us might have a similar dream of success but the routes we take to get there are vastly different. Opportunity lies within those differences. This is where you can advise someone, who has been very successful already, on how they can be successful in another way. It does not matter if you think your success was smaller than theirs, the point is you are showing them something new, a different approach and that is the value that you bring to the table. That value is worthy of being financially rewarded.

Go out, serve those in need, serve the world and be financially rewarded for that service. But serve those in need, from the poorest to the most wealthy. Serving only one segment will diminish your impact upon this world and dilute your purpose.