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indivineur - eBook

Start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW
Indivineur is a new, tried and tested approach, to start a business or innovate an existing business. It focuses on individuals, using what YOU have now and combining it with co-creational thinking. Minimising risk, maximising opportunity. Opportunity is within you, all around you. You learn how create and innovate new business ideas in a very short space of time. You learn to only risk what you are prepared to lose, avoiding big entrepreneur pitfalls. You learn to make data driven decisions for a higher probability of business success instead of letting your emotions guide you.

Life Design for Business Owners Online Course

Build a business that will not kill you
This amazing course is presented over 35 videos, each one is a next step to building a business that serves you as much as it does the customer. Free worksheets that you can download to help you make the most of the course. If you are stuck in your business or feel that your life is not going anywhere soon then you must do this course. Get your life, wife and profits back. You get instant access!