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Press and Media Coverage

Press & Media Coverage

Make contact with me if you want me to speak at your event or deliver commentary on air or in your print publication. I am willing to travel locally and abroad.

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Rainbow FM – 90.7

Date: 7 May 2014 South AfricaTopic: Getting unstuck in life

RSG – Rand en Sent

12 April 2015
indivineur – Opportunity Accelerator Click here to listen


Sawubona Magazine

November 2014 – Focus on people with multiple careers.Click to view article

Business Brief Magazine

June 2015 – Navigating the suicide zone. Article on innovation during uncertain times.

Woman & Home Magazine

June 2016 – Could you be a solopreneur?


Business Day Television

My SME program
Date: 8 May 2014
South Africa
Topic: Getting unstuck in life

Business Day Television

My SME program
Date: 8 May 2014 South Africa
South Africa
Topic: Listen and Grow Rich


Boksburg Advertiser

Date: 21 January  2015
South Africa
Topic: Walking over coals for red-hot self-confidence


11 August 2016
Why innovation could let your business fail like Kodak


17 August 2016
Cutting innovation costs by outsourcing innovation to the customer

“Recommending anyone is hard, except when it comes to Willem. He is a straight shooter, a real direct type of man. What you see is what you get. Well versed in all kinds of subjects and a great sparring partner with a vast amount of knowledge in the online industry. He loves life like I don’t know many men can. He embraces every opportunity and takes any problem head-on. His Afrikaans background makes him into an interesting character who get passionate about the small things in life.”

Mark Buwalda Client Partner, networker in IT implementation in Africa

“Business leadership is a rare quality and when you see it in action, executed with the detail and finesse required to balance all factors from the human resource, strategic goals, financial and business development, it is impressive. Willem Gous is one such individual who excels at business leadership, he positively transformed and increased revenue and profitability at Ananzi during his time there utilising his expert domain knowledge of online media, and then expanded his impact across the A C Braby group. It was a privilege to work with Willem and know that wherever he is leading, success will follow”

Richard Smith Project Manager at Chillisoft Solutions Services

“I had the pleasure, or should I say the privilege to attend Willem’s one-day Business Model Canvas workshop. His workshop description promises that you will learn how to use the business model canvas within your business. To tell the truth I had been studying the Business Model Canvas for 8 months before the workshop. What he does not say is how it will open your mind and challenge your current thinking. Nor does he say how excited you will become to explore creative and innovative ways to improve the bottom line of your business. I achieved all of this and more in just one action packed and practical session. So, if you are in South Africa, take advantage of his workshop as I rate Willem as one of the best internationally, and we have him right here in our own country.”

Francois Muscat Digital Marketing Specialist & Certified Social Selling Trainer

Willem doesn’t beat about the bush.  In an incredibly short amount of time he will isolate your bottlenecks and tell you directly what to do about them for maximum benefit.”

Peter Burkimsher South Africa

“Thanks Willem for the opportunity. Talking with you opened my eyes to important areas of starting up a business. I was almost at the point of giving up a business idea, but you had help me to understand and clear my doubts. Your clear and insightful advice had put me back on track. I am looking forward to working with you as I go to the next level.”

Prince Anyanwu Africa

“I usually do not enjoy reading posts or motivational speeches I receive in my mailbox but was struck by the different approach of Willem and his “indivineur method”.  I therefore contacted him to arrange a Skype session and see how his experience and method could help me see clearer in my objective to create my own business. I was expecting to have a quick 30 minutes discussion on my high-level plans but ended up with a deep view of the actions and challenges that I need to work on. Willem not only gave excellent “homework” to rationalize my business ideas; he also awoke the confidence required to move towards business creation, with all its opportunities and risks. I haven’t yet decided whether I will start my business  right now but I am pretty sure Willem would be part of the adventure when my decision is made; if he accepts of course.”

Stephane UAE

“Having worked with Willem I can recommend him as someone who has deep experience in the entrepreneurial field. As a serial entrepreneur himself he is able to relate to entrepreneurs and quickly provide insight into various business models. This differentiates Willem as someone who can provide relevant subject matter expertise in various industries. Willem’s experience in the coaching field also enables those entrepreneurs he works with to continuously apply learning and implement actions relevant to their current stage of business growth. I would recommend Willem’s services to any entrepreneur needing to innovate and grow their company.”

Wybrand Ganzevoort Collective Value Creation

“Willem helped me realize just what is important to me, focus on it and make it a reality so that I can function and think from what inspire and energizes me most. I now do more business, I am more focused and work less. As a matter of fact, most of the time it does not feel like work as I love what I do. I continue working with Willem as he is driven to help me achieve the results I want.”

Slaven Gajović, CEO, Maximum Group

“Willem Gous is a dynamic and inspirational Entrepreneur and Business leader. I find his attitude infectious and I value his contribution both to my business and personal development. Willem is an asset to any business and I firmly believe his knowledge and personality will serve his clients well”

Denzil Fillis CEO Mpilo Technologies