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Get 11 One-Hour Business Books Free

Get 11 One-Hour Business Books Free

Get 11 business books completely free. Each book has been designed so that you can read it in 1 hour or less. We all have little time on our hands, and with this, I went out and did the research FOR YOU and compiled all the best information for you in every book. You get all 11 books for free when you subscribe to my email list. The email list has subscriber only communications every week to motivate you and move you forward to a greater life and business.

1. Get Ideas. Get Going. Get Success - The short-short how to start-up guide

Proven low-risk business ideas for anyone planning to start a new business or expand an existing business. Niche market business ideas, as well as niche market facts you should know before you start a business. Top tips to find the right business idea.

Find out what the crucial DO’s and DON’T’s are when you start a new business. How to guides to conquer your fears and starting a side-business. Discover if you have what it takes to start a business. Must read for any potential business owner.

2. Your brand. Your image - The cheat sheet to corporate identity and PR

Your brand, your image and corporate identity should never be neglected. Learn how to avoid the most common Small Business Brand mistakes and find out why your corporate identity is so important.

In this book, you will find proven tips on PR and Marketing, including marketing on a shoestring budget and even no cost marketing tips. Find out how to rebuild and even improve your brand after a PR disaster.

3. 60 Minute Social Media Maverick - How to get social quickly

Social media tips for business owners. Find out why Instagram is so important. Social media rights and wrongs are discussed, with a chapter highlighting social media marketing laws you should be aware of.

Discover the importance of networking and leveraging social media. Proven tips on how to leverage social media beyond social networks. Understand and release the power of your network, learn how to network for clients and how to avoid making networking mistakes.

4. Money - Why it is important and how to get it

Is money the root of all evil? Find out what the 2 sides of the evil money coin are. Proven tips on how to stop being broke, how to increase your income every month and even how to earn a passive income.

Learn how to double your income and discover the top 5 investment tips for beginners and investors.

5. Daily Entrepreneur - Successful entrepreneurial habits

The top 5 rules for entrepreneurial success will give you valuable insight into entrepreneurship. Learn how to set up an entrepreneurial success environment, how to face entrepreneurial hurdles and how to avoid the 7 deadly entrepreneurial sins.

Find out what the top 5 myths of entrepreneurship are. Interesting read for every entrepreneur.

6. Goal Driven Leadership - Become the leader you have always wanted to be

Important information for anyone to update their leadership skills. Learn how to delegate successfully, how to speak like a leader and how to become a thought leader.

Develop the killer skills discussed in this informative eBook and move forward on your way to success.

7. Life and Business Success - Daily Success Tips to live by

Life Design is the Key to Success. Top tips to DO and DROP for success. Find out how to be more successful in life and how to embrace success.

Learn how to make your small business seem like a big business and how to improve your small business with no extra capital.

8. Uncovering the business leader within - How to bring your true leader to life

Learn how to be more professional, how to develop your soft skills and how to make better decisions. Find out how to be a better employer, how to handle any kind of employee and how to increase productivity.

Crucial information about freelancers, Remote Work Teams and why Remote Work Teams

9. Small Business Q & A - Things to think about when building your business

This booked is packed with important information: The 5 most common questions business owners ask, how to fix any business problem and how to unleash the power of collaboration in your new business.

Discover the benefits of a good co-founder and how to find the right co-founder for your business.

10. Online Business 101 - Things to think about when starting an online business

Do not start your business without reading this book first! Tips and advice on ways to boost your online presence, online business ideas and how to start an online business.

Find out what the mistakes are you have to avoid in your new online business. Learn how to develop and manage a successful content strategy.

11. Sell - 60minute sales success

How to attract more clients and boost your sales. How to get your first client and your first sale. Learn how to handle the client discount dilemma.

Lifetime customers are important. Learn how to land them and also how to identify good and bad customers.

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