Life is pointless, if you don't keep score?

When you keep score in life you can:


  • Reach your goals

  • Build the life you really want

  • Have the impact and success you want

  • Build your business and your career as you do it

I can help you achieve all of that using Life Design

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Here's What Life Design can give you ...

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much" ~ Jim Rohn

#1. Discover what you really want in life (What to keep score on)

Life Design will help you discover what you really want in life which allows you to determine what to say YES to and what to say NO to and that means you will have better results because you are focusing on and doing the things that really matter.

#2. Leverage your job/business to empower your goals (Your team)

Life Design will help you leverage your career/business to serve your goals which allows you to have all the resources, networks, people and money to make your goals comes true and that means your daily work serves you as much as you serve it.

#3. Develop a Success Action Plan (Your scoreboard)

Life Design will give you a daily, weekly and monthly success plan which allows you accurately and successfully track your progress and that means you are keeping score on the right things, achieving the right things.

Get more from life and work

"Life without work is expressionless, work without life is motionless" - Willem Gous

  • Get unstuck and move forward
  • Know what to say YES to and what to say NO to
  • Have control over your life and its direction
  • Know what you want and go and get it
  • Grow your life and you work/business
  • Enjoy life more

How we will work together

  • Discover what you really want to achieve and have in life
  • Get clear on what needs to change for you to have that
  • Develop a step-by-step plan based on daily, weekly and monthly actions
  • Identify the challenges you will face on your journey and help you overcome them
  • How to use your career/business to give you the resources and assistance to achieve more, quicker
  • How to get the most out of your personal development journey

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See what some of my clients are saying

"Willem helped me realize just what is important to me, focus on it and make it a reality so that I can function and think from what inspire and energizes me most. I now do more business, I am more focused and work less. As a matter of fact, most of the time it does not feel like work as I love what I do. I continue working with Willem as he is driven to help me achieve the results I want."

Slaven Gajović
Slaven Gajović CEO Maximum Group

"Willem Gous is a dynamic and inspirational Entrepreneur and Business leader. I find his attitude infectious and I value his contribution both to my business and personal development. Willem is an asset to any business and I firmly believe his knowledge and personality will serve his clients well”

Denzil Fillis
Denzil Fillis CEO Mpilo Technologies

About Willem Gous

"A life designed, is a life achieved"

Willem grew up in an entrepreneurial home. Once he saw how his father work 72 hours without sleep and the effects that such hard work had on him. It is for that reason that Willem shows people how you can serve your business/career while your business/career also serves you by giving you the resources, networks, people and money to go and become and achieve all you ever wanted to achieve.

Willem is an international innovation speaker, author and accomplished serial entrepreneur. He created the indivineur method that helps individuals unlock their inner power and renew their thinking patterns. He is a trusted mentor and an energetic business advisor to organisations in various industries. Willem’s experience ranges from the manufacturing industry to more than 20 years in the online industry. He loves reading and works on his personal development daily. Spending a lot of time with his family and travelling is what he loves and does often.

He is married to one of South Africa's top cake makers, yet, he does not eat sugar.