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International Innovation, Life Design and Motivational Speaker

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Willem Gous is an International speaker and serial entrepreneur, he has been running his own businesses for more than 18 years. He has a wide range of experience ranging from manufacturing, corporate sales, channel management, innovation and business model consulting and has been involved in the online industry in South Africa for more than 21 years.

Double Pendoring Marketing award winner. Featured on television, radio and in print.

Innovation starts within and Willem has spent more than 11,000 hours on his personal development over the past 10 years.

He is passionate about business innovation, from business models to products. He is passionate about how people can leverage what they do every day to bring their goals, passions, purpose and dreams to life.

Willem is involved in various businesses and uses business as a platform for self exploration and personal development.

“Life without work is expressionless, work without life is motionless” – Willem Gous


“Life without work is expressionless, work without life is motionless” – Willem Gous

Entrepreneurship is a lie. It is a lie because it rarely, if ever, delivers on its promises of freedom, more time, more control, more money and even a better life.

Entrepreneurs sacrifice too much at the altar of business success — even their lives. When it comes to stress, depression, divorce, and breakdown, the odds are stacked against entrepreneurs. Their daily grind is a mental and physical killer, and it claims many victims beyond themselves and their business ventures. For what? To have a 1 in 10 chance of success? What about the other 9 business owners? 5 of those busi- nesses will fail and the other 4 will barely make ends meet.

We are slowly destroying entrepreneurs and the potential entrepreneurship holds for us all.

Let 9 out of 10 businesses fail but let 10 out of 10 entrepreneurs succeed. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a private hell. Keynote speaker Willem Gous has developed an approach to entrepreneurship that turns your business into a building block in your life so that entrepreneurship can start to deliver on the promises of freedom, more time, more control, more money and even a better life.

It is ideal for current business owners who need to up their game on a personal or professional level, those considering starting a business and wanting to get it right the first time. Duration can range from 20-60 minutes.

With practical steps to follow in turning around your life and your business successfully, Willem Gous provides the key to entrepreneurship that delivers on the promises of freedom, control, money and a better life.


Thank you for speaking at the 10th Annual Joburg Secretaries Day Conference which took place on 6 – 7 September 2017.

I was really impressed that you met with a few of the delegates before the conference and that you sat in for the entire 2 day conference, so that you could customise your presentation and make it as relevant as possible, to our audience. You went the extra mile for us and helped add value to our clients, which I really appreciate.

We were hoping that as the final speaker, your presentation would end the conference off with a bang, which it absolutely did. You brought so much energy to the last session, the music was great and your message was powerful. From the delegate feedback we received, you were rated one of the top speakers over the 2 days. I would not hesitate to recommend you as a conference speaker and would definitely consider using you as a speaker again at our own events. Thank you for your positive attitude and professionalism, which made working with you a pleasure.

Yours sincerely,
Catarina Allison
Director – KumaloGreen

Most businesses fail to innovate. The problem? They are trying to innovate the business. Also, they are only trying to innovate one part of a three-part equation. Businesses consist of people, it is the people who make the business. The employees, the suppliers, the customers.

When you innovate the people within a business you make the business innovative from the ground up. Innovation becomes part of the DNA.

Keynote speaker Willem Gous has developed a new approach to innovation he calls indivineur- ship. A process of individual self-discovery brought into a co-creational environment. Innovate using the knowledge, networks, and resources of your employees, customers and suppliers in a co-creational environment and see how quickly you can innovate your business, grow your prof- its and take your business to the next level.

It is ideal for small businesses to corporates of any size. If you need to innovate urgently and need to change people’s perspective of innovation and the role they play in and have quick results, then this keynote is for you. Duration can range from 30-120 minutes.

With practical steps and exercises that people can go and apply immediately to their work envi- ronment and get real results, real quick. Willem Gous provides the key to innovation that so many have been missing in their businesses.

Willem created the indivineur method while researching the application of various innovation methods in existing businesses for his master’s degree dissertation.


Willem is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker who hit the mark on his presentation. His message was powerful, simple and to the point. Willem brings a sense of humour to help share his business expertise and life experiences to make a point with his audience. He has a great presence on stage which kept everyone engaged. Most importantly, his message contained practical and usable tools that can help any person take their career, life to the next level, and beyond.

An excellent speaker, flawless in his delivery with a lot of take home value. If you need a crucial message delivered with clarity and passion, a speaker who can both motivate, inspire and leave your audience thinking long after the event is over, Willem is the person you should consider.

Farzanah Cassim
Corporate and Investment Banking
Executive Assistant to:
Head: Client Coverage South Africa

Webinars/Online Presentations

University of Liverpool – Finding new business opportunities where you are now

I presented a webinar to the alumni of the University of Liverpool using the indivineur method of innovation that I created myself. This was the best way to engage more than 80,000 alumni all around the world.


The presentation by Willem Gous opened my eyes to the different aspects of running a business. It is not all about facts, numbers and investments. Sometimes, the resources around you can be used effectively to have a positive impact. I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar. Thank you Willem.

Aqeel Shamsul
United Kingdom

Your input in my life at the webinar was God sent. I shall never forget you and I thank you for the slap in the face as I say “I have nothing to start with” ………..I know I do but my concept was thinking I needed the money first to start a business! I now know I have ME, my resources and my ability to get connected with other people and invite them to come do business with me with their “two” ingredients. Well done – You have raised another one from the pit of despair.!!

Sonia Sobers

“Willem’s fast paced webinar on starting a business making use of what one has now was both insightful and inspiring. If you are given the opportunity, I would recommend taking the time to participate in the webinar, whether you are starting out in business, looking to take a different direction in life or wish to expand or improve your existing trade. Willem’s concepts are skilfully explained and therefore I found them easy to grasp and apply to my own situation immediately. Taking a step back and reflecting on ourselves, our assets and our potential is of great benefit both in business and in life. Willem can make you do all that in an hour!”

Gerard Samson-Dekker MPharm, LLM
United Kingdom

“Your approach is very logical and well structured. It’s a practical, hands on system of good questions. In my case it strengthened me in the action I’m already taking but in that it gave me confidence and motivated me to keep going. The little exercises demonstrate the power of the lessons you explained. It was definitely worth the time! Something I can rarely say after a webinar.”

Pauline Jongmans MSc
The Netherlands

“I really do not attach so much relevance to this sought of training and seminars, but yours really changed my idea, and further piloted me to create value in an area I thought least!

Your seminar left such a lasting impact. Its an eye-opener and also a fire-cracker. A brilliant combo you can’t just buy off the shelf.”

Bunmi Omodogbe

Life Design | Turn what you do, into a building block in your life

An online presentation to the alumni of the University of Liverpool with more than 1,200 registrations for the webinar. This was the best way to engage more than 80,000 alumni all around the world.


I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the LifeDesign webinar. I really enjoyed it and found it very motivating.

However all-in-all his programme, change and challenge focused approach to life is amazing and I will try to apply it on my life for sure.


This webinar was outstanding value of time and you facilitated very well.

Gobnait Wright

Really great event – I would suggest you get this given to every student at the university

Dr. Richard Smith