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High-Stakes Leadership in Action

“An incredibly eye-opening, intense and deeply reflective leadership experience. Every leader should experience it.”
Louise Kyhl Triolo
Head of Leadership Development and Culture Innovation Airbus

Our Approach

High-Stakes Leadership in Action has been created to trigger an in-depth reflection on the essence of leadership and trust-building.

The experience begins by immersing you in the case of J.P. Mottu, a Swiss executive in charge of saving his employee, kidnapped by Colombian rebels in 1988. During the case, you are called upon to make extremely challenging decisions, discuss them in small groups, and compare your choices to those made in the true story.

After assessing how you tend to react under pressure, you go through a debrief and a masterclass on key leadership behaviors, during which you bridge your assessments and learnings to your day-to-day reality. This process leads you to identify your leadership strengths, weaknesses and bias and incites you to take action.

The approach used for the 28-Day Follow through combines e-learning, reference materials, online tool kits, opt-in challenges and motivational items shipped to you to inspire implementing your learnings over time and building new practices.


Build trust
and lead effectively
in high-stakes conditions.

Master the fundamental behaviors of leading in high-stakes conditions

Improve your capacity to exercise critical thinking

Create authentic trust around yourself and with the people in your organization

Put your learnings directly into action

“Immersive gamification is the future of executive training: InsideRisk is leadership development at its best.”

Sebastien Tondeur

CEO, MCI/Ovation

“A frighteningly realistic simulation of business risk and high-stakes decision-making.”

Robert Harpel

CTO, Fitch Ratings

Companies that use InsideRisk

Co-create and tailor with us the experience that you want to offer, in your premises or in a venue of your choice.

The live event can be tailored to various needs and focus. Depending on the level of the participants and the size of the event, we will choose with you the most appropriate format.

Note that High-Stakes Leadership in Action can be run in parallel for the executive level and the management level, offering different takeaways, but revolving around the same case and leadership fundamentals.

We offer 3 formats

Half-Day Program

▪▪ Immersion in the true case (2 hours 40 min)
▪▪ Debrief/Masterclass (1 hour 20 min)

Full-Day Program

▪▪ Immersion in the true case (2 hours 40 min)
▪▪ Debrief/Masterclass (1 hour 20 min)
▪▪ Choose one module: (45 min)
▪▪ Ethical dilemmas
▪▪ Visualizing risks
▪▪ Leadership challenge (60 min)
▪▪ Take-aways (20 min)


▪▪ Immersion in the true case (2 hours 40 min)
▪▪ Speed Debrief (20 min)

“I learned the power of essential leadership behaviors to build real trust and gain leverage in the most difficult situations.”

Martin J.

“Bringing a leader to the edge of leadership and his emotions was a phenomenal experience.”

Henrik H.

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