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If you don’t do it, someone else will

If you don’t do it, someone else will

If you don’t do it, someone else will

Have you ever had an idea and thought it would be great, and a few months or years later you saw your idea being advertised? Chances are you had the idea but did not take action on it. Life has a strange way of doing things. Life walks around handing out ideas for greatness and success in abundance, but it comes with a catch. If you have been given something, and you are not doing anything about it, or with it, then life will come, take it away, and give it to someone else. It has happened a lot in my life and I have seen it happen in clients lives as well. They sit and wait and wait to take advantage of a market opportunity and then a competitor takes it before them, even though they had the original idea long ago.

You don’t get anywhere without taking a step

If you desire something, if you have a goal then you have to take steps towards it. Not taking action is like standing still and complaining that the world is passing you by. You can change what you receive with movement, if you don’t move you don’t change anything. Not your position in life. Not your perspective of life. Not your environment. Not the people that surround you. Not the reality that you experience. Not your finances either.

Don’t quit your job yet

If you have a habit of inaction don’t suddenly change over to the role of Captain Action. Chances are you will push yourself into a panic because you are rushing into a serious fear zone that is 55 degrees outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t take leaps, take small steps. Take actions that push you to the border of your comfort zone. When you are on the border of your comfort zone you will grow and become more. That is what you want because you will not be able to achieve new levels of success with old thinking and doing. You can usually identify actions that push you to grow by you not knowing 100% how you will achieve it. If you know how you will achieve it, then you are playing it very safe and not much will happen.

My closing question to you

Stop and think what opportunity, idea or favourable situation do you currently have in your life. Now, what action will you take on it today? What action will you take on it tomorrow?