Free Entrepreneurship Course: Master Entrepreneurship in 12 Lessons

FREE Entrepreneurship Course:

Master Entrepreneurship in 12 Lessons and Get More Certainty and Control Over Your Future


Join hundreds of people around the world who want to start or grow their business and …


  • Move from feeling lost and worried to feeling more certain about your future and have the confidence to take the right actions
  • Get access to my unique approach to entrepreneurship nobody else teaches (Discover why THEY get it wrong, but why you will not)
  • Have a clear, step by step, plan on how to move forward with more certainty and less risk

Great opportunity for your children to learn something different during this time! Thank you Willem Gous for this initiative. My son has signed up and was so excited that an “actual person” responded to him…

Noleen Thompson

Start now and get access too …

  • 12 Modules – Each between 45 and 75 minutes long
  • A detailed plan to move forward with more certainty and success
  • Free books and downloads
  • A closed Facebook group to get support and help from others

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“This course gives me a whole different approach to reaching my dreams”

Corne Burger

Who is this for?

This is open to all 

  • School and University students, parents, adults, employed people, startups, business owners or anyone interested in entrepreneurship;
  • Grow your knowledge of entrepreneurships;
  • Start a business;
  • Grow your existing business.

What you’ll learn


The confidence to take your idea to market


Learn how to test your business ideas for success


What makes a product/service succeed or fail


Move from feeling lost to feeling more certain about your future


How to build a successful business


How to launch your business/product/service in a profitable way


How to build a business that helps you achieve your dreams and goals in life (The typical entrepreneurship books and courses do not do this)

The program

You get 12 webinars of between 45 minutes and 75 minutes long – If you are not on the live webinars you will always get the recording

Week 1

Module 1: Life Design for Entrepreneurs – Don’t ask what you can do for your business but what your business can do for you!

Module 2: Opportunity Acceleration – How one owner grew his business by $100,000 in 10 months applying this.

Module 3: Problem discovery: Find the problem you will work on for the next 3 weeks and build a business around it.

Week 2

Module 4: Finding Solutions

Module 5: Problem/Solution Validation

Module 6: Business Model Design

Week 3

Module 7: Understanding your market

Module 8: Understanding competitors

Module 9: Risk reduction

Week 4

Module 10: Product/Service Testing

Module 11: Business Model Innovation

Module 12: Marketing and Sales



How much does this cost?

This is FREE. It is my gift to the world, helping people find solutions in these challenging economic times, making the world better for us all moving forward.


What if I miss a lesson/module/webinar?

I am doing recordings of every webinar and will email the link to it to everyone after the webinar so that you can catch up or review.


Can I email and get support?

To be honest, I will see if I have the capacity for it. But there will be a Facebook group where you can help and support each other.


Do I get a certificate afterwards?

Yes! After the last module you will have the opportunity to do a test and if you achieve the pass rate I will send you an electronic certificate. (So please make notes during the sessions)


In what language will the course be?

English. It is my second language, and I do speak it very well.


How can I help?

You can help by telling people about it and getting as many people onto this as possible.


“Willem Gous is amazing at what he does. He has excellent mentoring skills and creates scenarios that allow you to perceive situations from various angles. This helped me to get out of my comfort zone and start to think of all the possibilities of what the outcomes of my initiatives could be. After speaking with him, I noticed how a small mindset change could make everyday more productive and fulfilling. He is calm and collected with much wisdom and compassion. He is also very humble and approachable. He taught me how to believe in myself and always put my own goals first. His ability to gently nudge your mindset into the correct path is great.”.

Kirashni Bidassey

I have gotten to know Willem Gous quite well, especially while he worked as a trainer and coach on the IBM SA Startup Bootcamp 2018. Willem is a detailed oriented, hard-working professional focused on accelerating the high potential of local technology startups. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated, committed and passionate about training and coaching you on how to rapidly grow and scale your startup, talk to Willem.

Shaun David Randles

Meeting Willem through LinkedIn was probably the best thing that has happened to my business in the last 9 months. Not only does he understand the challenges of an entrepreneur, but he has valuable solutions to offer.

Christa Fourie

About the presenter

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, and I am currently involved in three businesses.

Insiderisk Leadership Development. An immersive program that teaches the leaders of companies like Airbus and Nestle how to lead in high stakes environments such as what we are experiencing now with covid19. I am one of 12 moderators in the world of this prestigious program. Check out |

Venture Designers, taking innovation out of the boardroom and into the economy. We believe that customers know their business the best. That is why we empower customers by transferring our knowledge to them and growing their capability to innovate within their organisation.

Drive Results | Build Team Capacity | Save Money | Take Control – Check out |

The Human Entrepreneur, we aim to keep entrepreneurs in the game. The current approach to entrepreneurship destroys the entrepreneur, look at the life and working conditions of a typical entrepreneur ad you see it is true. The Human Entrepreneur start has a human-centric approach to entrepreneurship, starting with the entrepreneur first, developing entrepreneurial talent, sustainably. Build successful entrepreneurs, and great companies will follow that change the world.

I work with incubators and other development programs.

I hold a Masters degree in Information Systems Management. I serve on the International advisory boards of Customer Experience World and the Professional Interest Network of the University of Liverpool Management School U.K.

Reach me at or

Fun facts

I am a dedicated father who loves travelling and exploring nature with my 10-year-old son. I am also a certified firewalking instructor.

Willem Gous

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