Dreaming is not goal setting.Which are you doing? | Willem Gous

Dreaming is not goal setting.Which are you doing?

Dreaming is not goal setting.Which are you doing?

Dreaming is not goal setting.Which are you doing?

Goal setting, what else can be said, there are enough processes to do is successfully. But not enough will to pull it through. I found to be successful at goal setting you need to be real. What do I mean by that? Goal setting requires that you are sure footed and grounded in reality.

I have seen to many people fail in bringing their true self, their true purpose and their true love to life because they were stuck in dreams and not reality.

Hey, I will be the first to admit, reality is not always nice. Reality is scary, testy, moody, full of s**t and that is the first 5 minutes before your first cup of coffee. But the sooner you settle into reality, the sooner you can have goal setting success.

Here are three differences between dreams and goals. This will help you get real, get grounded and get going with your goals.

#1. A dream makes you feel nice, a goal scares you

Dreams are like a drug you can use to escape the harsh realities of life. Goals, to be effective, has to scare you on some level. No unicorns and candy floss here.

#2. A dream has no due date, a goal has a deadline

Dreams are dreams because they have no requirements to deliver. They have no due date. Goals have deadlines. It has a due date. It has a definite date of delivery that YOU have to make happen.

#3. A dream has little or no real life consequences, a goal can have major life consequences

Dreams do not stretch you and do not put pressure on your and you never have to grow to make them real. Goals stretch you, pushes you into becoming a new person. You might have to drop some habits, develop new habits, stop seeing some people, stop going certain places etc. That has real life consequences.

Dreaming is good, but remember to take your dreams to reality. That is successful goal setting.