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Designing your life. Designing your business. 3 steps to having a life and business that works.

Designing your life. Designing your business. 3 steps to having a life and business that works.

Designing your life. Designing your business. 3 steps to having a life and business that works.

Designing your life. Designing your business. How many business owners do you know that are stuck, frustrated and working themselves to death? How many business owners do you know of who ended up in divorce because firstly they are always working and their families never see them and secondly the business barely affords a meager existence for them and their families?

If you are someone in this situation then I suggest you read this article and take this advice to heart because it will change your life, your business and the future happiness of your family as well.

I have worked myself to almost collapse, have seen my adad do it and see many of my clients to it as well. I stopped doing it and life is exciting, fun and I get and do what I love in life.

A one-sided business plan – There is more fiction than you thought before

We start the business, we plan the business, we execute the business according to a strategy. FOR WHAT? Yeah! “I started my business for freedom”. “I started my business because I want more money”. “I started my business to have control over my own time”.

I have heard all of these and in almost 100% of the cases they GOT NOTHING that they aimed for. No freedom, less money and zero control, running around trying to plug 100 holes in a sinking boat and only having 10 fingers.

I believe business plans are great works of fiction. When you take the fact that it is only focused on the customer and not the business owner, then it takes fiction to fantasy. There is a 1 in 10 chance of the customer going to get what they want (1 in 10 businesses fail), then what are the chances of the business owner getting what they want?

One-night-stand excitement

Would you start a relationship with someone and never tell them what you want out of it? We all have done this before. It is passionate, exciting, fast-paced and fun in the beginning and then ever so slowly the cracks start to show. You are not getting what you thought you would. It becomes more and more of a drag to spend time with them (your business).

Somewhere someone is tired of her shit

It is because we projected onto the business what we thought it would give us. But just like a relationship started on zero expectations, boundaries or understanding you end up with something you never ever wanted in the first place.

You have to communicate to the other party what you want and in your business you do it as follows.

If you want more freedom then plan the business around that. If you want more money tell the business how much and by when. If you want more control then define what that means for you. So get clear on “those personal goals” and expectations that few if any if us express to our business.

You are actually in an open relationship

Believe it or not, you are actually in an open relationship. It is you, your wife, children and the business. Talk about weird and complicated. But that is the reality. Most of us are in relationships and the business has an impact on those relationships. How? As a married father I have to take my goals, my wife’s goals, and my kids goals into account. Most business owners focus on themselves and forget that the business should give to them and those who stand behind you. Don’t believe me?

How many wives have moved out of the bedroom because they are tired their husbands always working? And this works both ways.

You have to remember that if your family cannot see how your business helps them have a better life, their enthusiasm and support will dwindle and eventually just disappear.

Stop being a giver and start being a receiver

We have to turn the tables. We focus more on building a business than we focus on building a life. We treat life as an add-on. Something after the fact and that is wrong, I say wrong because of the results I witness in the lives of the business owners I personally work with.

Your life needs to be planned before the business. In order for you to remember I will repeat this: Your life needs to be planned before the business because your business needs to serve you as much as it does your customers. Designing your life, designing your business. That way you are sure that you have the right business for the job, the right business for your life. The right business to give you and your loved ones what you want.

Designing your life. Designing your business.

You need to turn your business into a building block in your life. Whatever your needs are, the business needs to provide for it. Wherever you want to go, the business needs to give you the resources to take you there. Here are some simple steps to start this process.

#1. What do you want? – Designing your life

Most of us have no idea what we want. If you started your business to have more freedom then define it. If you started your business to have more money then get clear, how much money. If you started your business to have more control then define control.

#2. How will your business give that to you? – Designing your business

You shape and change your business according to your customers needs, why not to your needs? Design the business model, management structures and income streams to deliver the time, freedom, money and control you want in your life. Remember, your business is there to serve you as much as it is there to serve the customer.

#3. Get someone to hold you accountable – Designing your life. Designing your business.

If your business is not giving you what you want then don’t think simply doing step 1 and 2 that all will change overnight. You are in the situation you are in as a business owner because of your perceptions, beliefs around running a business and the actions you take. That needs to change with this. Get a mentor and coach to help you design a clear plan and hold you accountable to that plan. They need to help you grow into the new business owner that has the freedom, money and control that you want.

This is the work I do with other business owners and with great success. I have a proven process of designing your life and designing your business. Have the need to get unstuck, stop the frustration and build a successful life and business? Then reach out to me today and see what your future can truly be.

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