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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

I provide a wide range of consulting options for individuals and corporates. Please make contact with me and discuss your needs and requirements.

#1. StartUp Coaching & Mentoring

Business Coaching - Willem GousAre you unsure your business idea? Are you unsure how to start your business and the steps you have to take to ensure the highest possibility of success? I provide startup coaching and mentoring to help you through this challenging time and process. I will help you get clarity, design your business from the start to serve you while reducing the cost of failure. I use the indivineur method of startup innovation. A process I developed myself that focuses on individual innovation and co-creation.

Worried you are going to lose your sanity or maybe even your house if your startup goes wrong? Then I suggest you make contact with me now and let’s see how we can steer this startup to success, together. With more than 17 years experience as a serial entrepreneur you are sure to gain a lot from my help.


“Having worked with Willem I can recommend him as someone who has deep experience in the entrepreneurial field. As a serial entrepreneur himself he is able to relate to entrepreneurs and quickly provide insight into various business models. This differentiates Willem as someone who can provide relevant subject matter expertise in various industries. Willem’s experience in the coaching field also enables those entrepreneurs he works with to continuously apply learning and implement actions relevant to their current stage of business growth. I would recommend Willem’s services to any entrepreneur needing to innovate and grow their company.” – Wybrand Ganzevoort Collective Value Creation

“We use Willem as a mentor during our Ignitor Startup Bootcamps due to his straight to the point and honest approach to helping startups see where there might or might not be potential. He relates to businesses across a wide range of industries enabling them to innovate and move forward.” –  Justin Coetzee Co-Founder Ignitor

#2. Business Model Innovation Consulting & Training

Business Model Canvas - Willem GousMost people do not discover the benefits of business modeling using the business model canvas because they use it solely as a modelling tool and not as an innovation tool. You have to have a deeper understanding of the application of the business model canvas to use it as an innovation tool.

Understanding your business model is one thing. Innovating it it is something else. I love the innovation side of business modelling and would love to help you innovate your business quickly. Make contact with me for one-on-one sessions or having me present a business model innovation workshop at your premises to your team members.


I had the pleasure, or should I say the privilege to attend Willem’s one-day Business Model Canvas workshop. His workshop description promises that you will learn how to use the business model canvas within your business. To tell the truth I had been studying the Business Model Canvas for 8 months before the workshop.

What he does not say is how it will open your mind and challenge your current thinking. Nor does he say how excited you will become to explore creative and innovative ways to improve the bottom line of your business. I achieved all of this and more in just one action packed and practical session. So, if you are in South Africa, take advantage of his workshop as I rate Willem as one of the best internationally, and we have him right here in our own country.” – Francois Muscat Digital Marketing Specialist & Certified Social Selling Trainer ☆ Helping Companies use LinkedIn for Sales & Marketing