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Do you want 3 months more time every year?

Do you want 3 months more time every year?

What would your life, your career or your business look like if you had an extra 3 months more time available every year? What would your finances look like? I have been applying this to my own life for more than 9 years and that is why I surpassed that magical 10,000...

Stop using Warren Buffett as an excuse to live poor

Stop using Warren Buffett as an excuse to live poor

“I would love to make a lot of money and live like Warren Buffett in a small house in the same , that is how I will define my success.” I hear this line from almost every new business owner I do one-on-one Life Design coaching with. And then I know we have a lot of...

Excuses that keep business owners stuck

Read this if you are stuck or even just feel stuck. As an entrepreneur of 17 years I have made ALL of these excuses and know the damage is does to you, personally, financially and happiness. I think this article from Inc. brings the message home with one big punch and...

Free Tool to Unlock Profits

Have you ever looked at your business as a collection of conversations?

Some conversations you are having well, others not so well, while some not at all. The ones you are NOT having well can be costing you a lot of money.

Knowing which conversations to improve can help you unlock profits within your business in the fastest, most efficient way with the least risk.

Get your FREE Tool to unlock new opportunities and profits within your business.

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Are you sitting there, work piling up, and not taking action, but you know you HAVE too?

I was also in that rut, but I got out and so can you. It was the quickest way I got out of a rut, and now you can use it too.

A simple and straightforward 20-minute guide filled with tactics and steps you can use To Overcome Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals and Get the Results You Really Want and Need Right Now.

It is written for the very busy people of the world. No wasting time on fluff, only real steps you can take to get real results.


Come and discover your true inner leader through this immersive, customised and realistic event. InsideRisk is the result of three years of research and development. An immersive program about High-Stakes Leadership in Action facing critical thinking, ethics and more.


We empower you, your people, to be able to do the work we do when we leave. We are taking innovation out of the boardroom and into the economy. Enterprise level innovation at an SME price. Let us help you innovate your business while building capacity in your business.


Businesses come and go, entrepreneurs remain. The Human Entrepreneur keeps entrepreneurs in the game through a human-centric, entrepreneur first, approach to sustainable entrepreneurial development. For individuals, incubators, development programs, investors and more.

International Speaker

Need a fresh message that motivates, energises and gets people to take action? I also work with you to align my work with your message and goals to deliver impact and change. Topics & Events: Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Motivation and Team Building.

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