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SONA 2018 Small business will not grow the economy, but it can

SONA 2018 Small business will not grow the economy, but it can

South Africa got a new president last week and the country is in a very positive mood. Well done to our new president committing to small businesses in last week’s state of the nation address. This is a standard political dream, let us build successful businesses that...

Read less for better success

Read less for better success

If you are serious about getting somewhere in life then you must read, that is a given. Reading gives you a new perspective and grows your understanding. I have been on my personal development journey for more than 10 years and I have read A LOT during that time. But...

A new tomorrow starts with a new decision today

A new tomorrow starts with a new decision today

How happy are you with your job, circumstances, relationship or even bank statement? We all have something we would like to improve in life on some level. But few of us ever make those changes. We get stuck in a rut of unhappiness knowing we should change but it never...

Stop thinking you’re special. Show it to me.

Stop thinking you’re special. Show it to me.

In this day and age, it seems everybody is special and have the potential the save the world. They demand that they are treated that way too, even though they have not earned it. Yes, you are special, but only when you do special things. You can only do special things...

Do not practice what you do not want to become

Do not practice what you do not want to become

A very simple statement that most people fail at applying in their life, and there is a simple reason why. Supporting something, giving it attention, priority, will make it grow. Not supporting something, not giving time and attention to it will diminish it and...

Good habits form just as easy as bad habits

Good habits form just as easy as bad habits

Your habits determine your eventual success. Read any story about success and you will see consistency, habits of success, doing the right thing every day for a long time. However, we are held back by habits that work against our success. Watching TV, sleeping in,...

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Come and discover your true inner leader through this immersive, customised and realistic event. InsideRisk is the result of three years of research and development. An immersive program about High-Stakes Leadership in Action facing critical thinking, ethics and more.


We empower you, your people, to be able to do the work we do when we leave. We are taking innovation out of the boardroom and into the economy. Enterprise level innovation at an SME price. Let us help you innovate your business while building capacity in your business.


Businesses come and go, entrepreneurs remain. The Human Entrepreneur keeps entrepreneurs in the game through a human-centric, entrepreneur first, approach to sustainable entrepreneurial development. For individuals, incubators, development programs, investors and more.

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Need a fresh message that motivates, energises and gets people to take action? I also work with you to align my work with your message and goals to deliver impact and change. Topics & Events: Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Motivation and Team Building.

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