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1-on-1 Life Design Coaching

Where is your life heading too? What will it look like in 5 years?

Are you keeping score on life?

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We all start out the same. You start as the original building block in your career or your own business. But then you forget to remove yourself and this happens ...

❌ your personal relationships turn toxic because you are always working

❌ you are stuck, you cannot leave or everything will collapse (when last did you have a day off?)

❌ you are serving your business or career more than it is serving you

❌ your life is the same year after year, only with more and more pressure and stress

❌ you feel overwhelmed, unsatisfied, stressed, not knowing anymore why you are actually doing this

❌ you want to run away thinking there should be more than this

❌ your dog barks at you because it does not recognize you anymore 😀

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned “symptoms”, then life design is something you should seriously look at.

Turn what you do into a building block in your life

You will get the following

✅ Leverage your career or business as building block in your life, giving you the resources, networks and support to achieve all you want in life

✅ See how your career or business can serve you as much as it does customers

✅ Know what you want in life and why with a clear path to get it

✅ Have yearly, monthly, weekly and daily actions to help you get what you want quicker with more success

✅ Replace stress, uncertainty, frustration with joy, fulfillment and impact

✅ Know what to say "NO" to and what to say "YES" to

✅ Get the opportunity to involve your whole family in this work and build a purpose driven family

Your coach | Willem Gous

Willem Gous is an International innovation and trainer, life design speaker, author, entrepreneur and father. Through his Life Design work he helps business owners and CEO’s, turn their businesses into building blocks in their lives, letting their businesses serve them as much as it does the customers.

He works with businesses ranging from military interconnect systems to commercial property. A client added R100 million ($7,6mil) in turnover over to their business in 12 months using his approach to business.

He has been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years and has experience ranging from manufacturing, corporate sales, channel management. He has been involved in the online industry for 20 years. He is a business model and innovation trainer and consultant.

A little fun fact. He is married to one of South Africa’s top cake makers, but does not eat sugar.

Willem has spent more than 11,000 hours on his personal development over the past 9 years. An avid reader he read deep and wide.

Willem hiked 330km in Namibia over a period of 14 days. He cycled the Cape Epic mountain bike race in 2007. Cycling almost 1000km over 8 days and climbing vertically over 15,000 meters during the race.

Willem has won 2 Pendoring marketing awards for his online work. Been featured on TV, radio and print for his work.

Life Design Speaker


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do this work internationally?

Yes, I have clients ranging from South Africa to Egypt, UK, Canada and more.

How do we do our sessions?

International client’s I do via Skype or Webinar, whichever works best for you. If you are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, you will have a face-to-face option.

How do I pay?

I take credit card payments via PayPal or Fast Pay. If you are a business then we can do an EFT as well.

Schedule your free 30 minute session

Get solutions to your challenges during our free 30-minute session. No obligation. No spam. Just good and honest help.