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Start with your people first


Come and discover your true inner leader through this immersive, customised and realistic event. InsideRisk is the result of three years of research and development. An immersive program about High-Stakes Leadership in Action facing critical thinking, ethics and more.


We empower you, your people, to be able to do the work we do when we leave. We are taking innovation out of the boardroom and into the economy. Enterprise level innovation at an SME price. Let us help you innovate your business while building capacity in your business.


Businesses come and go, entrepreneurs remain. The Human Entrepreneur keeps entrepreneurs in the game through a human-centric, entrepreneur first, approach to sustainable entrepreneurial development. For individuals, incubators, development programs, investors and more.

International Speaker

Need a fresh message that motivates, energises and gets people to take action? I also work with you to align my work with your message and goals to deliver impact and change. Topics & Events: Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Motivation and Team Building.

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Are you sitting there and not taking action?

I was also in that rut, but I got out and so can you.

A simple and straightforward 20-minute guide filled with tactics and steps you can use To Overcome Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals and Get the Results You Really Want and Need Right Now.

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About Me

An entrepreneur since 1999, I have been involved in the online industry for more than 23 years. I am an International speaker, trainer and consultant on leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool U.K.

I have experience ranging from manufacturing, corporate sales, channel management and a lot more. I have clients from makeup, defence, commercial property, accounting, consulting and more.

Advisory Boards and Mentorship

I serve on the global advisory boards of Customer Experience World as well as the Professional Interest Network and Entrepreneurship for the University of Liverpool Management School.

In 2018 I was the head business mentor on the IBM Startup Bootcamp and a mentor on the J.P. Morgan Africa Rising program in 2019.

Social Work

I teach entrepreneurship at schools as part of the Wealth Creators initiative as well as on my own and regularly presents in other programs helping previously disadvantaged individuals.

Private Life

I am a dedicated father of an amazing 9-year-old boy. I love reading and personal development.

I have spent more than 10,000 hours on my personal development over the past 13 years and still continue that work daily.

A fun fact: I do not like being barefoot, yet I am a firewalking instructor.

I can tell you more, but I feel I will come over as an “I” specialist. In short, I do a lot, I explore a lot, and I love what I do a lot.

“There is a definite improvement in our team spirit our turnover also shows an increase could be directly attributed to the greater positive atmosphere in the company , by playing as a team a better understanding came about . Thank you Willem.”

Attie van den Bergh

Business Owner, Equipment Parts & Engines

“I found this half day workshop with Willem Gous really useful. It made me rethink the manner in which I plan my business, by building a business that will support my lifestyle and personal goals as the entrepreneur.

The primary driver for working on the business is then not just the sustainability of the business but the sustainability of the entrepreneur.

The approach is novel because it encourages each entrepreneur to fulfill their personal goals through their business right from the beginning rather than to fulfill their dreams only at the end of the entrepreneurial journey when the business has found success.”

Zviko Mudimu

Founder and Executive Director, Africa Financial Inclusion Network

Indivineur | Opportunity Accelerator

Indivineur is a new, tried and tested approach, to start a business or innovate an existing business.

It focuses on individuals, using what YOU have now and combining it with co-creational thinking. Minimizing risk, maximizing opportunity. Opportunity is within you, all around you. You learn how create and innovate new business ideas in a very short space of time. You learn to only risk what you are prepared to lose, avoiding big entrepreneur pitfalls.

You learn to make data driven decisions for a higher probability of business success instead of letting your emotions guide you.


Talk to me and see how we can work together.

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