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Writing a book? One critical rule that will help you start and finish it

Writing a book? One critical rule that will help you start and finish it

Writing a book? One critical rule that will help you start and finish it

You have a message. You want to change the world through a book you. You have been thinking about it for a very long time. But most people will either never start writing a book or they will not finish the book because they made this one critical mistake. It is a mistake I found has the same impact on blog posts, presentations, speeches and books. I know because I have made this mistake countless times. But once I became aware what that mistake was I started to consistently start and finish writing projects and so can you.

The excitement about writing a book

It is exciting when you come up with an original idea and want to tell the world about it. It dominates your thoughts and you begin to build castles in the air about how well it will be received by people. You have visions of how it will go viral all around the world. That is a good place to be, yes, you might be overestimating the impact and reach of your work but it is the energy that you need to drive you forward to actually take action, start and then finish your work.

The big mistake keeping you from writing a book

But then you make the mistake of telling other people about it. You tell them your complete story from beginning to end. You tell them how you came about it and then discuss in detail what story is and your ending conclusions. And that is the BIG mistake. Once you have shared your story, it is done, the energy and uniqueness of it fades within you. The drive to sit down and write it and craft it into something life changing and impactful have gone.

Your subconscious is thinking, “why should we sit down and write for many hours if we have already shared it?”. Avoid this death trap.

Sharing for learning

When I wrote my book I did not share everything with everyone. I discussed certain elements to gain a deeper insight and learn how I can better certain elements of my idea. In my subconscious that makes the already great idea even bigger. When that happens your energy and drive to bring that story about in book form, blog post or keynote speech increases. Exactly what you need to start and finish what you wanted too in the beginning.

Don’t rob the world of a new perspective and the opportunity to make it a better place for us all to live in. Grow your story within yourself, cultivate it, make it bigger, make it more impactful and then spill all of that onto the pages of your new book.

Happy writing.

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