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Willem is an international innovation speaker and accomplished serial entrepreneur. He created the indivineur method of innovation. He is an innovation mentor and business coach to businesses in various industries. He loves reading and works on his personal development daily. Spends a lot of time with his family and loves to travel.

For fun, he assists big companies to help their employees overcome their fears and limiting beliefs as a certified firewalking instructor. Something you may not know about Willem Gous is that even he is married to a confectionairy chef he does not eat sugar.

Keynote 1: Life Design

My mission in life is to help business owners see the role that their businesses play in their life differently through Life Design for Business Owners. A business should be something that empowers your unfolding personal development journey and life. A business should be a building block within your life. However, most business owners do it the other way around, they are the original building block within their own businesses and they remain in that position forever. They get lost within their own business, serve the business more than it serves them, build profitable jails that they can never leave, in fear that the business will collapse (which is true in most cases). All this leads to deteriorating health, wealth and personal relationships.

Your life does not have to be like that.

I do things differently. Life Design for Business Owners is a combination of personal willem-gous-firewalk-firday-speaking2development and business development. I assist with Life Design for Business Owners, aligning their business to deliver what they want to achieve in life. Removing them as the original building block to becoming empowered by the business.

Audience types: Schools, Corporates, SMME’s, business and innovation conferences

Keynote 2: Creating new business opportunities using what you have now

Economic environments are getting more and more challenging the world over. Local markets are getting more competitive and it is hard to stay ahead of competitors and developing customer needs. These external forces make life in business and for individuals interesting to say the least. Yet, it is within this sea of uncertainty where we aim to find new opportunity, most of the time ignoring the opportunities already available within our current situation. Instead of looking outside, it is time for some introspection.

In this keynote Willem Gous talks about his indivineur approach of finding new business opportunities for businesses as well as individuals. Firstly exploring and developing the opportunities hidden within individuals and employees and then accelerating that into new business opportunities using collaboration and co-creation. Your delegates will walk away new hope and motivation and a bag full of ideas they can go and apply now.

Audience types: Schools, Corporates, SMME’s, business and innovation conferences

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On Saturday, 10 September 2016, 40 parents and students from St Peter’s College gathered in the Tak Heimstra Pavilion for the annual Entrepreneurship Breakfast. Willem Gous, a St Peter’s College parent and accomplished serial entrepreneur/international innovation speaker and trainer. Willem has helped many business owners to turn their lives around from where they served the business to where the business now serves them and its customers though a principle called ‘co-creation’. His presentation was very enlightening, interactive and entertaining.

‘My students and I had the opportunity of hearing Willem share his business and life experience in one of my entrepreneurship classes at the North-West University, Potchefstroom campus. His comfortable, yet potently effective way of sharing his knowledge and experience engaged the students and encouraged them to let their own creative juices flow for developing their own businesses in the future. What a privilege to have had him address real-life applications to the business world and make the classroom come alive with his presence! I thank Willem for his time and great attitude. Would recommend him without reserve to any business or training environment.’ – Marna Laurens

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