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International Innovation & Life Design Speaker

International Innovation & Life Design Speaker


Willem is an international innovation speaker and accomplished serial entrepreneur. He created the indivineur method of innovation. He is an innovation mentor and business coach to businesses in various industries. He loves reading and works on his personal development daily. Spends a lot of time with his family and loves to travel.

For fun, he assists big companies to help their employees overcome their fears and limiting beliefs as a certified firewalking instructor. Something you may not know about Willem Gous is that even he is married to a confectionary chef he does not eat sugar.

Double Pendoring Award Winner

Willem has won the prestigious Pendoring Marketing award twice for his work online. Willem is someone with deep experience ranging from manufacturing, sales, channel management, 20 years in the online industry and have been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years.

Keynote 1: Life Design

Feeling disengaged? Demotivated? Not knowing why you even go to work or your business? This is usually caused by a common mistake that more than 90% people make in life. They start their career or business as the original building block, but then they remain in that position. They forget about themselves and never ask the most important question – how is what I do every day a building block in my life?willem-gous-firewalk-firday-speaking2

Life Design is about turning whatever you do into a building block in your life. Getting people motivated, energised, focused and excited about the work they do every day because they see how what they are doing is helping them become all that they can be. It is about aligning what your business or career wants with what you want in life. It results in a strong symbiotic relationship, giving everyone what they want. Get engagement back at work. Get the joy of working in your own business back.
“Life without work is expressionless, work without life is motionless” – Willem Gous. In this amazing talk, Willem shows you how, by applying 6 steps, you can turn whatever you do into a building block in your life. Bring joy back to work, increase engagement. Never mind motivation, we are talking inspiration. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, student or employee, you will benefit from this talk as you see how your work is there to help you achieve all that you want to be in life.

Audience types: Schools, Corporates, SMME’s, business and innovation conferences

Keynote 2: Creating new business opportunities using what you have now

Economic environments are getting more and more challenging the world over. Local markets are getting more competitive and it is hard to stay ahead of competitors and developing customer needs. These external forces make life in business and for individuals interesting to say the least. Yet, it is within this sea of uncertainty where we aim to find new opportunity, most of the time ignoring the opportunities already available within our current situation. Instead of looking outside, it is time for some introspection.

In this keynote Willem Gous talks about his indivineur approach of finding new business opportunities for businesses as well as individuals. Firstly exploring and developing the opportunities hidden within individuals and employees and then accelerating that into new business opportunities using collaboration and co-creation. Your delegates will walk away new hope and motivation and a bag full of ideas they can go and apply now.

Audience types: Schools, Corporates, SMME’s, business and innovation conferences

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University of Liverpool – Finding new business opportunities where you are now (webinar)

I presented a webinar to the alumni of the University of Liverpool using the indivineur method of innovation that I created myself. More than 1,000 people registered to attend the webinar.

The presentation by Willem Gous opened my eyes to the different aspects of running a business. It is not all about facts, numbers and investments. Sometimes, the resources around you can be used effectively to have a positive impact. I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar. Thank you Willem.

Aqeel Shamsul
United Kingdom

Your input in my life at the webinar was God sent. I shall never forget you and I thank you for the slap in the face as I say “I have nothing to start with” ………..I know I do but my concept was thinking I needed the money first to start a business! I now know I have ME, my resources and my ability to get connected with other people and invite them to come do business with me with their “two” ingredients. Well done – You have raised another one from the pit of despair.!!

Sonia Sobers

“Willem’s fast paced webinar on starting a business making use of what one has now was both insightful and inspiring. If you are given the opportunity, I would recommend taking the time to participate in the webinar, whether you are starting out in business, looking to take a different direction in life or wish to expand or improve your existing trade. Willem’s concepts are skilfully explained and therefore I found them easy to grasp and apply to my own situation immediately. Taking a step back and reflecting on ourselves, our assets and our potential is of great benefit both in business and in life. Willem can make you do all that in an hour!”

Gerard Samson-Dekker MPharm, LLM
United Kingdom

“Your approach is very logical and well structured. It’s a practical, hands on system of good questions. In my case it strengthened me in the action I’m already taking but in that it gave me confidence and motivated me to keep going. The little exercises demonstrate the power of the lessons you explained. It was definitely worth the time! Something I can rarely say after a webinar.”

Pauline Jongmans MSc
The Netherlands

“I really do not attach so much relevance to this sought of training and seminars, but yours really changed my idea, and further piloted me to create value in an area I thought least!

Your seminar left such a lasting impact. Its an eye-opener and also a fire-cracker. A brilliant combo you can’t just buy off the shelf.”

Bunmi Omodogbe

University of Liverpool – Life Design (webinar)

I presented a webinar to the alumni of the University of Liverpool on Life Design that they can apply in their work or their studies. More than 1,300 people registered to attend the webinar.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the LifeDesign webinar. I really enjoyed it and found it very motivating.

However all-in-all his programme, change and challenge focused approach to life is amazing and I will try to apply it on my life for sure.


This webinar was outstanding value of time and you facilitated very well.

Gobnait Wright

Really great event – I would suggest you get this given to every student at the university

Dr. Richard Smith

St Peter’s College – Entrepreneurs Breakfast

On Saturday, 10 September 2016, 40 parents and students from St Peter’s College gathered in the Tak Heimstra Pavilion for the annual Entrepreneurship Breakfast. Willem Gous, a St Peter’s College parent and accomplished serial entrepreneur/international innovation speaker and trainer. Willem has helped many business owners to turn their lives around from where they served the business to where the business now serves them and its customers though a principle called ‘co-creation’. His presentation was very enlightening, interactive and entertaining.

North-West University – Success

‘My students and I had the opportunity of hearing Willem share his business and life experience in one of my entrepreneurship classes at the North-West University, Potchefstroom campus. His comfortable, yet potently effective way of sharing his knowledge and experience engaged the students and encouraged them to let their own creative juices flow for developing their own businesses in the future. What a privilege to have had him address real-life applications to the business world and make the classroom come alive with his presence! I thank Willem for his time and great attitude. Would recommend him without reserve to any business or training environment.’ – Marna Laurens