Business Model Canvas: All business models should have 2 value propositions | Willem Gous

Business Model Canvas: All business models should have 2 value propositions

Business Model Canvas: All business models should have 2 value propositions

Business Model Canvas: All business models should have 2 value propositions

It is wise to have one value proposition in your business model to drive focus on delivering exactly what the client wants. Otherwise, your marketing and sales message might become confusing to the market. There are some business models with two value propositions but then it also has two market segments, like the Sony Playstation. You have gamers and game developers. If there are not gamers, then the developers will not develop games. If there are not games to play, then there will not be any gamers to buy the Playstation. A chicken and egg situation, but one that shows how two customer segments benefit each other when each one grows. I propose that all business models should follow a double value proposition/market segment design approach, because it activates the biggest opportunity for success and growth for the business, the business owner. The business owner must become another market segment with its own value proposition.

The current state: The role of business owners in business models

Business owners are overworked in most cases. Yes, I do have a client that vacations 3 months every year, but he is the only one. The rest work as much as they can every day to the detriment of their health, personal relationships and own personal development journey. All business owners start the same way – as the cornerstone in their business. But then 99% of them forget to remove themselves from that position. Then they get stuck in their own business. As the business grows on top of the “cornerstone,” the cornerstone remains where it was from the beginning, while more is piled on top of it In English, your life remains the same while the stress and other pressures mount year after year. You cannot leave, because your business will collapse. The business sucks more and more from you as it grows because you are the driving force leading to a decline in health. You work more and more and you get to spend less time with friends and family until you experience what I would see as the ultimate in personal relationship decline, your wife moves out of the bedroom in order to spend even less time with you. This sounds dreadful and depressing but how many business owners do you know or have met that had a similar experience?

The future state: Business owners are another customer segment

The Sony Playstation business model example shows how two value propositions and two market segments grow together in a symbiotic relationship. I propose this approach to business ownership too. The extra value proposition addresses the personal goals and life vision of the business owner, while the business owner is the other market segment. If the business grows, so will the business owner. If the business owner grows, so will the business. We need to stop sacrificing entrepreneurs, their lives, their futures, their possibilities and personal lives because we do not take them into account. This parasitic approach to business ownership does not work because it kills more than it creates, but mostly it scares people away from the prospect of business ownership.

The next time you design a new business or have an amazing business idea, add yourself to the mix and design the business to give you what you want in life while giving the business and customer what they want.