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3 Hour Team Build. Save Time. Save Money. Get Results

3 Hour Team Build. Save Time. Save Money. Get Results

3 Hour Team Build. Save Time. Save Money. Get Results

Financial year end comes and goes, new years start and eventually end. But one question remains, did you achieve what you set out to achieve? If not, what can you do to get that success momentum going and quickly? If you did achieve your targets, well done! How can you build on that momentum without disturbing your team too much? The solution is a 3 hour team build.

Working with your management team, we discuss obstacles that stand in the way of your team’s success. This team build is not a “yes, yes, yes” exercise. This is a mindshift exercise helping your team members overcome their limits. The limits that hold them back from achieving their targets. The limits that hold them back from you reaching your targets.

Firewalking with Willem Gous

Save time

Do you really have the time to take your team off work for a whole day? In pressing economic times a day without productivity can mean the difference between profit and loss. You can start with a small 3 hour team build that help them smash through their limits to move forward with more action, determination and inspiration, working towards more success for themselves and the business.

Save money

Apart from the obvious saving of paying employees for a full day off, we can present the team build at your offices or at a venue of your choice. You don’t have to plan a weekend away with extra sleep over, catering costs and more. It is a very cost effective option to get your team to the next level.

Get results

Simply raising people’s spirits and getting them excited can be achieved by watching the movie Forrest Gump. You want something that will stay and give you the results you need for the longer term. Using various tools such as games, firewalking, glasswalking, arrow breaking, rebar bending and more, I help your employees break through their own limiting beliefs. You are looking for a mindset shift and that is what you will get. A mindset of possibility. A mindset of “I can and I will”. You awaken people to a side of them they never thought existed. Get that with the 3 hour team build.

Make your booking today

Get in contact with me, Willem Gous, and discuss your specific needs for your 3 hour team build. Longer team builds and break aways are also an option. Transform your people and you will transform your business. Click here to make contact with me today.

More about Willem Gous
I am an international innovation speaker and author, serial entrepreneur, certified firewalking instructor, business and life coach and Life Designer for Business Owners. I have been in the entrepreneurial space for more than 18 years and have experiences ranging from manufacturing, corporate sales, channel management to 20 year in online and more than 10,000 hours of personal development