Frustrated with the current economic situation and how it is impacting your business?

Tired of working IN your business, not knowing how to work ON your business?

Demotivated because you see your competitors growing faster than you?

Learn to work ON your business while growing faster than your competitors during the tough economic situation in SA - 2 Day Innovative Business Makeover

What you will learn during this practical workshop

Business Model Innovation
  • Where you are stuck in your business and how to get unstuck
  • What drives the real profits in your business so you can focus on making more money, faster
  • How to do business like nobody else and be unique in the market using your business model
  • How to develop at least 3 new business models in the workshop that you can go and apply immediately
  • Discover what your customers are willing to pay for, reducing risk and increasing profits
Market Segmentation
  • How to find and provide the right solutions to the right people and for higher profit margins
  • How to find the right people who will buy your product reducing marketing costs and growing your business
  • How to find new profits in existing customers by providing solutions to new needs
Opportunity Creation
  • How to find new opportunities in your current environment
  • How to reduce your cost of failure ensuring the survival of your business
  • How to reduce your risk in testing new products and services
  • How to know if something will work, in a few days by finding paying customers quickly.
  • How to create new services with your customer, for your customer, reducing risk and increasing profits.
Opportunity Acceleration
  • Opportunity Acceleration through Co-Creation will take 1 idea and turn it into 10 new business ideas
  • How to thrive in the lonely entrepreneurial world
  • How to create new profit opportunities using what you already have so that you do not have to risk more



Life without work is expressionless, work without life is motionless

Willem Gous,

Willem is an international innovation speaker, author and accomplished serial entrepreneur. He created the indivineur method that helps individuals unlock their inner power and renew their thinking patterns. He is a trusted mentor and an energetic business advisor to organisations in various industries. Willem’s experience ranges from the manufacturing industry to more than 20 years in the online industry. He loves reading and works on his personal development daily. Spending a lot of time with his family and travelling is what he loves and does often.

For him, the real exciting side of life is in assisting big companies help their employees overcome their fears and limiting beliefs.

Businesses are made up of people, people the make the business. We have innovation methods for businesses, but what about the people? If you innovate the people, the business will be innovative from the ground up. Innovation will be in its DNA.

Willem Gous,


"He doesn't know my business but .."

Get your focus quickly


1 - 2 November 2017 Woodmead, Johannesburg


2 Day Workshop



  • Lunch every day
  • Snacks
  • Coffee, tea and water
  • Supporting material
  • Price includes VAT


  • Q.Can I pay with my credit card?

    A.We have full credit card facilities, if you are South African you can pay using your credit cards budget facility and pay it off over a period of months.

  • Q.Can I get a group discount?

    A.Yes, you can get a group discount on group of 4 or more. If you take the bonus package then we can combine the coaching hours into a group session for your business. Make contact with us to discuss. Email